Friday January 4th – Seoul Dongdaemun

Hung out at the shop for most of the day. Walked around to some of the other shops close by . . . stopped at a book store, a bakery shop, and saw what other stores were around. Then I helped with some of the work, sorting, cutting, etc.

Omma made me these cute mini pouches for my key ring that holds some coins and folded money in pink, red, and blue.


My cousin and 4th aunt picked us up in the evening and we all went to Seoul. We’re staying for the weekend at my cousin’s place.


In Seoul, we went to the dongdaemun section and went to several shopping centers like Dootah 두타 tower where I got some sparkly accessories. We also went to Maxtyle and then looked at more clothing shops near by


Then there was a comedian that used to be famous on TV (김경민, but I don’t know of him) that they recognized on the street who now sells some essential oil and lotion so he talked with them at the coffee shop we had stopped at.


Then to the house for food (ramyun) and sleep.

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Thursday January 3rd – Met A Cousin

Most of the morning i hung out at the house, ate, showered, napped while Omma went to do some work at the shop.

In the afternoon, I walked to the shop, which was about 15-20 minutes, but nice to get out and it wasn’t as cold as some days or when the sun goes down, and wasn’t windy.

Before leaving to see 4th Aunt and her daughter (a cousin), Omma made me 2 cute Pink pouches.


At my Aunts business, my cousin gave me a set of wedding ducks, made in Korea. So now I have 2 pair -yay! She also gave me some cute


Then we went to have some Thai food, and her brother met us there. It was a good meal, but my cousin wouldn’t let me pay even though I got the bill and got to the cash register first -haha

Wednesday January 2nd – Seoul

I woke up at 6:00am. Actually my alarm was set for 6am, but I actually got out of bed around 6:30am – Too early.

Omma, my Step-Dad, and 1st Aunt dropped my 2nd Aunt off at home, and then went to Seoul to drop my 1st Aunt off at her home. We went to an Underground Shopping area and had brunch – I had Dolsot Bibimbap and then did some “window / eye shopping”. We got some earrings, which I tried to buy myself, but Omma ended up getting them for me. It’s really hard to buy anything even though I keep getting money from the different family members -lol


We then went to the Lotte Department Store, which is a big mall with nice expensive things to look at, but didn’t buy anything there.

We then picked up my 1st Aunt to have lunch/dinner with. She had gone grocery shopping and left a huge box of foods with us, which I found out later had a bunch of things I liked and have been eating on this trip, like apples, yogurt drink, yogurt, spinach, etc. She also had cookies and other nummies in there.

We ate a a Kogi place with lots of food, and just as you are full and about to be finished they bring out more food, like a soup and more side dishes. I was so full, and my 1st aunt kept feeding us food, even though we said we were full. It was pretty extreme -haha

After “linner” we dropped my 1st Aunt off at her home and stopped in, where she kept giving us food, like a banana, even though I said I was so full (I took it on the road).  She also gave my mom some olive oil, and we both had a cup of coffee before leaving. On the way to her house she asked if we wanted Soondubu! We were all SO full. Omma stashed some money somewhere in my 1st Aunts house -haha20130102-220607.jpg

We were going to go back to the house but had to make a stop to the place mom works for to pick up some materials. It was nice to see where she goes when I call and she says she is on her way there. It was also nice bonding on the long-ish car rides to and from.


Tuesday Jaunary 1st – Happy New Year!

20130102-214020.jpgToday my 1st Aunt, Mom, Step-Dad, and I were supposed to go to Seoul, but I guess there was traffic due to the new year? So the plan is to get up early tomorrow morning and leave my 7am.

For the New Year it’s customary to have Dduk (Mandoo) Guk Soup (a rice cake and dumpling soup) which we had for breakfast.

The rest of the afternoon was spent napping, relaxing, talking, with my 1st and 2nd Aunts and Omma, and I probably surfed some and watched some movie trailers.

Monday December 31st – Chuncheon Again

Today, Omma, My step-dad, and I went to Chunchon. We saw Soyang, a famous virgin’s statue; 소양강처녀상. I’m not entirely sure why she’s so famous, and I couldn’t find anything online about her in a quick search, but I’ll have to look more when I have some time.20130101-111924.jpg

We then went to the same Galbi place we went to the last time we were in Chunchon last week.

20130101-111931.jpgOmma and I went back to the house after dropping my step-dad off at the shop.

My 1st aunt arrived by bus, so my mom went to pick her up, and my 2nd aunt. They both spend the night.

My 1st Aunt brought some 유가 (yoo gah), a healthy sweet snack with sunflower seeds, almonds, pistatios, etc and banana milk which was delicious, and then we watched some New Years special for a little bit on TV

Sunday December 30th – A Korean Wedding

Breakfast was yummy leftovers from last nights dinner.20121230-210225.jpg

In the morning, we got ready to go to my 3rd Aunts friends wedding. She had mistaken the time for 11:30, but it was at 1:00, so we went to my 4th aunts business and saw the puppies again. It snowed a bit last night, a couple of inches, but the roads were cleaned and drivable by the time we left the house


The wedding was a quick visit, it was a large venue and there were atleast 3 weddings going on at the same time. It was a building for events I think, with a large dining hall that all the wedding attendees went to with meal tickets that I am guessing were picked up when the gifts were dropped off . . . I’m not sure since I was with 4th Aunt taking a picture of one of the wedding cars.


Basically we stayed long enough to see the moms walk down the aisle, the groom, and then the bride with her dad. It was a white wedding dress with LOTS of sparkle. There was a jumbo tron behind them with video shorts playing during each of the walk downs, and then live video of the bride and groom during the wedding ceremony. We then went downstairs to the buffet dining hall.


Omma, my 3rd Aunt, and I went to my 2nd Aunts house for a short visit before dropping off my 3rd Aunt to the bus terminal for her to go home.

Then Omma and I stopped off at the shop for a bit, and then went home. For dinner, we made bulkogi, and had some of the leftover chapchae.


Saturday 29th December – Birthday Dinner

In the morning, we had rice filled fish cake wraps and an egg soup.


Because one of my Aunt and Uncles were going to be busy on the 30th, we were having my birthday party tonight, so we went grocery shopping for the evenings dinner.


Later in the morning, my 6th uncle’s wife came over to the house and then we went shopping at e-mart, which is like a large grocery store with a floor of clothing and makeup on another floor. There are moving ramps to move you and a shopping cart between the floors.

Check out this video I took of 쌀뻘과자 (super light and airy rice cakes) being made.

Then we went to the downtown shopping area to get my birthday gift from my mom and sister.


Then we picked up dduk (another kind of rice cake), and my birthday cake from Tous Les Jours, a yummy, fluffy strawberry cake that my 6th’s Uncles wife bought me (and all the groceries).


Back and the house, we had some kim bap that was pre-made from e-mart. Then my 3rd Aunt arrived, and kept feeding everyone some nummies she brought. There was a thin crepe like food with kimchee in the middle that was really good.  My 4th aunt came over later and everyone was cooking. They made a seafood soup, jap chae, a spinach side dish, and other side dishes.


Later, some of the other aunts, uncles, and other family members came by, but not all of them . . . It was still a lot of people though. We took pictures, my 2nd Aunt’s husband made a toast, they sang Happy Birthday in Korean, and I received a few gifts, and then we ate! Everything was delicious. Afterwards, we visited (mostly they visited and I listened ^^) and my 2nd and 3rd aunt spent the night.

Friday December 28th – Chilaxin’ at the House

The car was leaking oil I think, so was in the shop for repairs. It was snowing today when I woke up, so a good day to stay in. It only snowed an inch or two but it was cold enough.

For breakfast, Omma, MinJee and I had a Mandoo soup.


Omma walked to the shop to do some work and I stayed home for a few hours in the afternoon while she worked. I blogged, surfed, watched a movie, watched some tv, took a shower. It was nice to lay about.

When she got back, I helped make kimchee bokumbap which is basically kimchee fried rice, and Omma also made an egg soup with spring onion I think


We watched tv for a bit before bed.

Thursday December 27th – Guryoungsa Temple

In the morning I had a kind of fried fish that was oh so delicious, a photo wouldn’t have done anything to explain the yumminess.

Omma and Appa were looking for a misplaced credit card in the morning, but I don’t think they found it.

Omma gave me a matching necklace to the earrings she had given me the other day.  Also, a cute phone charm.

20121228-151241.jpg     20121228-151250.jpg

In the afternoon, Omma and I went to 그릉사 Guryoungsa Temple and the 미륵석탑 Mireukseoktap stone pagoda was also there. There are a lot of trails (some sections half frozen), and we did a little bit of walking to get to the temples. It was nice being able to spend time with Omma and talk with what little we managed to talk about.




We picked up my 2nd Aunt at her home and looked for a place to eat. I think they were looking for a particular restaurant, because we kept driving around, turning around, and checking out places that were closed or didn’t have what Omma was looking for on the menu I suppose. An hour later, we were all starving and ended up eating at a place close to my Aunts home -haha

We had 삼겹살 Samgyeopsal and 국수, a Korean noodle soup with of course all the side dishes that come with all meals. Afterwards, it was funny to see my Aunt and my mom race to be the one to pay. My Aunt stole Omma’s card and put it in her pocket, Omma tried stealing my aunts card, it was pretty funny. No one is letting me spend any money.

20121228-151231.jpgAfter visiting with my Aunt and Uncle back at their house, Omma, Appa, and I went to the grocery store. I offered to buy the groceries but they wouldn’t let me do that either!

Wednesday December 26th – Hanging Out


In the morning, Omma prepared the makings for kim bap and I assembled.  My sister, mom and I ate it for breakfast and also had the 시금치 (sigeumchi) soup Omma also made.

Then we went to the shop.  We were going to go to a mountain temple but it was too cold.  My second aunt hung out at the shop for the afternoon, and later in the evening, her husband came by and we all went to a sundubu place and had really yummy tofu and seafood sundubu and seafood pahjun.

Afterwards we went to the Hanji Theme Park, which was really a small museum.  Hanji is traditional Korean paper.  You can read more about it here:


I look kinda poofy in the photos below, but to be fair I was wearing a shirt, a sweater, a large flannel jacket and then the outer layer coat, plus I just ate! -haha


Later in the evening at home, my sister wanted a spicy chicken delivery order, which was pretty yummy, but I didn’t eat all that much since I was still full from the sundubu.