Friday January 4th – Seoul Dongdaemun

Hung out at the shop for most of the day. Walked around to some of the other shops close by . . . stopped at a book store, a bakery shop, and saw what other stores were around. Then I helped with some of the work, sorting, cutting, etc.

Omma made me these cute mini pouches for my key ring that holds some coins and folded money in pink, red, and blue.


My cousin and 4th aunt picked us up in the evening and we all went to Seoul. We’re staying for the weekend at my cousin’s place.


In Seoul, we went to the dongdaemun section and went to several shopping centers like Dootah 두타 tower where I got some sparkly accessories. We also went to Maxtyle and then looked at more clothing shops near by


Then there was a comedian that used to be famous on TV (김경민, but I don’t know of him) that they recognized on the street who now sells some essential oil and lotion so he talked with them at the coffee shop we had stopped at.


Then to the house for food (ramyun) and sleep.

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