3D iPhone Flower Case Made in Korea


I ordered this adorable iPhone case on Amazon and it arrived a few days ago!

Its 3D; the flower head stands out (made in Korea ^^).  I am extra careful right now because I don’t want the flower to get squished or fall off, but it seems to be on there pretty well.

It’s just so cute!

iBunny iPhone iCase ^^


I found this adorable iPhone case online for under $5! It arrived today and I think it’s soo cute! The bunny tail stand is a suction cup (sticks when wet) on the phone through a round hole on the back of the silicone case and so far holds well.

20111017-230702.jpgI don’t know if I will keep the tail on all the time, or the case all the time since it likely isn’t the most practical for throwing in all my purses. I will have to use a purse with an outside pocket I think, so the ears don’t bend or break but I am definitely going to use it a lot . . . and make sure the cats don’t get a hold of it ^_^

Adding Contacts Via Google on iPhone

I upgraded my phone because my 2 years were up, and I was due for an upgrade (-yay!)
I went from a Droid (the one with the keyboard) to an iPhone (thank you Verizon and apple . . . finally)

I still like some of the features of having a droid based phone, and I still dislike some of the features the iPhone doesn’t have, but nothing is perfect.  Can’t find the perfect gadget, can’t always find the perfect purse . . .

Anyway.  Coming from a Google based phone, where you just sign in with your google e-mail and the contacts auto import along with mail and calendar, I did that with my iPhone and none of my contacts showed up.

I did a Google search, and found the steps to import by singing in by using Microsoft Exchange instead of Gmail:


* My New Favourite Lip Gloss

Bear with me here. Blogging from a mobile device is slow, and prone to type-o’s so I’ve marked mobile posts with a * in the front of the title.

I just “re-found” the ability to blog from my phone, which I might re-forget depending on how annoying and/or time consuming it becomes.

Anyway, a quick note on my new fave lipgloss for those interested in lip gloss 🙂

I love Bare Escentuals ‘Buxom Lips’.
Its supposed to plump and all that, which I suppose it does a little, but don’t expect Angelina Jolie lips (with any lip plumping gloss for that matter).

Mostly I love that it doesn’t take much application, it gives a great shine, and while some of the lip plumping products tend to dry out the lips, this one does not for me. ooh, and it has a minty sensation 🙂

Taking the wand out of the tube once and applying is enough for application and it’s not that annoying sticky feeling.

I purchased mine at a local Sephora, so I sampled some colours and purchased ‘April’ one that is a lovely pink with a bit of shimmer. I believe there were 4 or 5 with shimmer and maybe 15 or 20 more to choose from.

You can read about it here http://store.bareescentuals.com/Buxom%20Big%20+%20Healthy%20Lip%20Polish/38776,default,pd.html

And check out sephora: http://www.sephora.com/browse/product.jhtml?id=P174213

Okie dokie, I’m out for now.

~ Are You Square?

I’m now a part of the Foursquare trend. An app for your GPS mobile phone that lets you easily “check in” to places you go to.

“Why would one do this?” you ask. Honestly, I don’t entirely know, aside from telling your friends and family where you are.

“Why do they care?” you might ask yourself. Well, people by nature are usually naturally nosey curious purple or want to be kept ‘in the loop’.

Or your “going out friends” can meet up with you and you don’t have to tell them where you are.  It’s also a great converstaion starter.  “So I saw you went to the new diner down the road, how was it?”  Thank you social networking.

So the cool thing about foursquare is that it’s more of a game. You get points based on first visits, consecutive visits, adding a place no one else has yet, and if you visit a place more than anyone one else it means you spend entirely too much time there become the mayor. 

Woo!  All that time spent in poli-sci . . . and all you need to do is visit a place often enough and you become a political figure. Please continue four spaces and collect $200 as you pass Go 😛

Moving on . . . another fun thing is adding a ‘tip’.  Not really a review but more of a ‘if you go here,’ check this out’ or ‘try this out’  which I might use mostly for restaurants ‘”hmmm, what should I try on the menu?  How about something someone I don’t know likes?” -hehe

I think it would be useful for parking tips in some areas as well.

You can opt to have your check ins posted to your twitter, facebook etc. or to only share posts with fellow friends on foursquare.  It’s a fun app for the Droid, Iphone, etc.  and it’s Free.

Free is good.

Have fun, Life is short and full of places to visit 🙂