~ Albemarle Plantation

About a month or so ago I went down to Hertford, NC for an all day shoot for Albemarle Plantation.  It’s such a beautiful area, the marina was gorgeous early in the morning with the sun rising, and reflecting off the water. Shooting from (the top of) a cabin cruiser, the wind in your hair, the sun glistening off the water . . . watching the Regatta.  It was a long (humid when not on the boat) but fun day, and recently I was checking out the updated website that they Completely updated.  The aerial shots aren’t mine, and I think they are still working on the final website? but if you want to retire to some place if you have a boat, they have a lot of events out there for the people that live there, so check out Albemarle and their website http://albemarleplantation.com/ 🙂


~ Andrew 2 yrs

When I first met little Andrew, he was a little shy, quiet, and didn’t say anything, but played with a myriad of toys.  The second time I saw Andrew, he was constantly moving but still quiet.  Now that he is almost 2, he is still constantly moving, and now always talking.  Our sessions are definitely non-stop, and always fun!  Check out Andrew then and now!  I can’t wait to see Andrew as he turns 3, 4, 5, 6 . . . he’s like my little bro. and his family is so warm and loving.

Andrew was looking at a bug on the steps for about a minute . . . everything he does is brief, so fast shooting and knowing which way he is going or being wherever he is going to be is a must.



These are some of my faves from the day, and I got them by not even looking through the viewfinder . . .





~ Max

This past weekend was super busy going from shoot to shoot to shoot, and checking out a studio space in Durham, playing tennis, and meeting friends for dinner and hanging out, but here are a few favourites from my shoot with the very photogenic Max.







~ Allegra

I shot Allegra’s session in October of last year.  Not a bride or bride to be, but a fabulous ‘just because’ session before this dress was re-constructed into something else . . .




~ Autumn’s Bridal StyLe

I love wedding dresses, and I Love cathedral length veils, so graceful and beautiful.  This past weekend, Autumn and Josh got married with a beautiful church ceremony, and a fun reception after, and while I knew Autumn was going to be an absolutely gorgeous bride, she was even more radiant on her wedding day.  A few of my favourite images from her bridal portrait session taken a few months ago before the cold weather set in 🙂







~ Holiday Session at Oak Island, NC

This past weekend I had a session at the beach at Oak Island NC, specifically for this year’s 2008 Holiday Cards for Andrew’s family.  It was pretty windy on the beach, so we had a short and sweet session as we all braved the nippy windy afternoon.

If you are interested in booking a session in time for the holidays and custom holiday cards, send an e-mail to style@sue-leigh.com.  Sessions for holiday cards must be booked before November 23rd!

I love this image!img_4376



Andrew likes to go where he wants to go and leads the way . . . here he is with one of his cousinsimg_4401

I absolutely adore this image . . . I love the movement.  Maybe because I know how much Andrew liked to walk towards the water, maybe because how comfortable he was with his surroundings.  This image is full of whimsy and carefree . . .


If you had been there or know Andrew, he doesn’t sit still for a minute, always in motion, always walking, ready to see the next thing . . .

~ Sarah Palin at Elon

I’m running off to another shoot in a few, but I thought I would post a few images from the other day.  There were a couple thousand people that showed up at Elon where there was a rally for vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin. (Oh, and if the secret service wasn’t in the way, I would have been able to show you an image of Sarah’s shoes! Dressed an a black skirt suit which is very flattering, with these amazing HOT red heels!) 😀