~ Andrew’s PerSonaL LifeStyLe Portrait Session

I had the best time photographing little Andrew yesterday! I was especially attached because he was adopted from Korea, and when I was 2 and a quarter, I made the same long journey from Seoul, Korea to the US.

Andrew was such a cute little bundle of energy, even without his usual afternoon nap. He just turned one not long ago and very good at walking most of the time. You can tell how much his family loves and adores him!

~ Autumn and Josh : Leading Up To . . .

This weekend I had a super fun engagement session with Autumn and Josh and the weather was awesome. Josh’s side of the family has history at UNC, so we started at the Old Carolina Well . . .

Autumn’s side of the family has history at NC State, so we then went to the Bell Tower to get some shots there . . .

I just Love the feeling of this photo . . .

We had a little fun outside of this night club . . .

and then we ended the session where they met, at the Edenton Street Church, and where their fabulous wedding will be in a few months!

Isn’t she going to be a gorgeous bride!?

Check out their session highlights slideshow!

~ Lia : PerSonaL LifeStyLe Portraits

I’m sure you remember Wendy’s Maternity session from last week! I don’t usually split up a shoot over two sessions, but yesterday I did a quick shoot with Lia (soon to be big sister) because last time her granddad was at their house and she didn’t get a nap in. Lia was very wide awake this time after school and dinner, Check out the smiles!

We also did a few shots outside briefly (since it was hot out) with Wendy and Pete in their “mini vineyard”, but here are a few faves:

How Sweet!

~ photographing actor, sean astin

Sean Astin, actor, most widely known as Samwise Gamgee in Lord of the Rings, Mikey Walsh in the Goonies, and other movies (check out his IMDB page), director, writer, and Hillary Clinton endorser was in North Carolina the other day speaking about Hillary’s ideas and visions if she were to be elected as president and why he stands behind her beliefs.

Someone brought their Lord of the Rings novel with them for Sean to sign, I kind of wish I thought to bring my Lord of the Rings DVD’s 🙂 :

Though I did get his signature on a Hillary Clinton poster:

and thanks to AJ who took this picture of Sean and I:

You can check out his website at http://www.seanastin.com/

~ photographing barack obama

Senator Barack Obama was in Raleigh today for a town hall meeting. There were 2000 tickets available and within a few hours were already given out. Obama’s goal was to ‘focus on the economy and his commitment to investing in middle class families’ and then answered questions from the audience

handing the mic to a 4th grader who won his class election and asked Obama what he could to to become president one day. Obama said jovially, “I should ask you some questions . . . you’ve already won”:

I would have to say, this is a classic Obama (SmiLe):

I love the feeling of this photo:

-> News and Observer Photos HERE

-> Getty Images HERE

~ Michelle Obama in North Carolina

There were a Lot of people that showed up to see Barack Obama’s wife speak last night:

Michelle is a very good speaker, and the campaign was able to keep the crowd pumped up. She was able to relate to the ‘every day people’.

** click on the thumbnails below to see a larger view:

Afterwards she spent time greeting supporters, shaking hands, signing autographs, and one guy had her sign the back of his cell phone.