Fashion Shoot with Nikki

Today I had a fashion shoot with Nikki who was doing a shoot for her comp card and portfolio. We did have to stop an hour and a half in because after talking about how bad it would be to lock ones keys in the car, Nikki was talking on the phone with her husband and accidentally locked her keys in her car. So we took a 5/10minute drive to her place to pick up a spare key. It was kind of funny and a good thing we didn’t have to drive far to the shoot location πŸ™‚




nikki04.jpg this would have been an even cooler shot if it was snowing πŸ™‚


nikki02.jpg I really like the blue-grey

nikki09.jpg this looks like I scanned it right out of a magazine


nikki10.jpgthis shot looks like something in a catalogue for petite sophisticate

Check out my New Website – You Could Win Something!

My New Website is up!
I’m very excited and appreciate all of you who have encouraged and supported me. I’m still adding content to the galleries and I will continue to update it, but check it out, leave a comment!

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Great Gifts!

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and for many of us it means going back to work until Christmas. With that said, and as we get busier and busier, what is better than for your friends and family to get and give fresh baked cookies!? A Sweet Reminder has recently launched their new website and I’ve done all of the photography for their site, which is super exciting! πŸ™‚

Check it out and buy fresh baked cookies in their wide variety of cute tins!
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Kelly’s Flowers

My friend Kelly does flowers for her friends weddings and they look gorgeous! Her friend’s wedding is today, but I went to Kelly’s house last night before going to Karaoke with some other friends of ours. I got some shots of her flowers because she may be starting a business doing flowers for weddings professionally.

I Love details like this!

All of the flowers for the reception tables

flowers for the cocktail tables

I think water droplets on flowers make them look fresh

and Kelly with her beautiful finished work

Laura and Patrick at Duke Chapel

This Saturday was super busy! I shot IMPACT 2007 with Stanford and NC State social e-challenge workshop and then straight to Duke Chapel and Duke Gardens to second shoot with Ana of Studio One. See her photos from the wedding here, and these are some of my shots from the day:


fixing the dress

details on the brides bouquet

the point of a second shooter is to get angles the main photographer can’t get

the flowers were so fragrant


the church is so gorgeous inside

I got this while the bride was waiting for the formal photos and I put a grainy ‘old photo’ look to it

I Love the orangey pinkey table cloth, and of course the Chivari chairs

at the Bar

sparklers for the send off! at the last wedding I shot, the guests left early so I didn’t get any sparkler shots, but I did this weekend!

and the Rolls Royce is so classy, provided by Capital Style