Erica and David’s Wedding

This Saturday, I shot with Jessica Key for Erica and David’s Wedding at the Hilton Raleigh-Durham at Research Triangle Park in Durham.
The wedding coordinator was

Erica’s dress was so pretty on her

the make-up artist’s brushes

the back was so pretty laced up


this is probably my fave!

though this one is really sweet too


3 thoughts on “Erica and David’s Wedding

  1. Dick Deibert says:

    Great pictures, send more if you can. You all did a great job on the wedding. I was very pleased with the entire wedding.

    Thank you,

    Dick Deibert

  2. ~Sue-Leigh says:

    Thanks for the comment! The main photographer will be sending a link to the bride and groom to their wedding gallery, with a compilation of photos from the evening and I’m sure they will send that link to all of their friends and family that attended the wedding!

  3. Susan Deibert says:

    Great job! I esp love the one against the wall. It looks like it should be a bridal magazine advertisement.
    Looking forward to view all the pictures
    Susan Deibert

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