Laura and Patrick at Duke Chapel

This Saturday was super busy! I shot IMPACT 2007 with Stanford and NC State social e-challenge workshop and then straight to Duke Chapel and Duke Gardens to second shoot with Ana of Studio One. See her photos from the wedding here, and these are some of my shots from the day:


fixing the dress

details on the brides bouquet

the point of a second shooter is to get angles the main photographer can’t get

the flowers were so fragrant


the church is so gorgeous inside

I got this while the bride was waiting for the formal photos and I put a grainy ‘old photo’ look to it

I Love the orangey pinkey table cloth, and of course the Chivari chairs

at the Bar

sparklers for the send off! at the last wedding I shot, the guests left early so I didn’t get any sparkler shots, but I did this weekend!

and the Rolls Royce is so classy, provided by Capital Style

3 thoughts on “Laura and Patrick at Duke Chapel

  1. Lisa Bettany says:

    that church shot is absolutely stunning! wow. the couple i shot also drove away in a rolls. i’ll post the picts when i get a chance.

    ohhh just looked at the church pict again. soooooo lovely. what lens were you using?

  2. ~Sue-Leigh says:

    Thanks! I’m looking forward to seeing your shots! I used my 85, only because it was SO dark in the church and my ISO was already at 800 which couldn’t be helped. I would have used a telephoto or a wide angle, but I use what I have for now! 🙂

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