Fashion Shoot with Nikki

Today I had a fashion shoot with Nikki who was doing a shoot for her comp card and portfolio. We did have to stop an hour and a half in because after talking about how bad it would be to lock ones keys in the car, Nikki was talking on the phone with her husband and accidentally locked her keys in her car. So we took a 5/10minute drive to her place to pick up a spare key. It was kind of funny and a good thing we didn’t have to drive far to the shoot location 🙂




nikki04.jpg this would have been an even cooler shot if it was snowing 🙂


nikki02.jpg I really like the blue-grey

nikki09.jpg this looks like I scanned it right out of a magazine


nikki10.jpgthis shot looks like something in a catalogue for petite sophisticate

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