Retrieving the Recycle Bin On Windows Vista

It has now happened twice and I’m sure it will happen again. When I right click to ’empty’ my recycle bin, somehow delete recycle bin is a lot easier to click.

So here you can find out how to retrieve your bin should you delete it like I have. [Here]

  1. Right click on your desktop and, from the drop down menu, Click on the Personalize option
  2. When the Personalize window opens, Look in the left hand task pane and Click on the Change Desktop Icons link
  3. The desktop Icon Setting window will now open
  4. Under the section marked ‘Desktop Icons’ you will see a list of Icons that can be placed on the desktop
  5. One of those Icons listed in this section will be Recycle Bin
  6. Place a Check Mark in the box to the Left of the Recycle Bin option and then Press OK
  7. The recycle Bin should now be sitting once more on your desktop

And this way I can access it easily without having to google search it each time πŸ™‚

23 thoughts on “Retrieving the Recycle Bin On Windows Vista

  1. Alex Mitsopoulos says:

    THANK U Very Much!!!!!!!!It was a pain in the $#@%# to google it around in order to find a solution to retrieve the RB icon. Good Job….thx again

  2. Daniel Luna says:

    Thank you for this painless solution to retrieving the Recycle Bin icon. I wish more people would post simple solution like this for us non-techie’s. Great job.

  3. Nikos R. says:

    It is always luck to find the right solution and this is the right solution for this problem!Thank you Sue

  4. domn8or says:

    THANKS A LOT!!! Even so I knew this was the way- but since hadn’t dealt w issue for so long thought was different in VISTA- further internet forum answers suggested a LONG ASS METHOD that seemed odd. Finally ur answer struck gold. Thanks again πŸ™‚

  5. Lisa says:

    Thanks so much…I’ve accidentally done this a few time. Your tip was simple and helpful. Please keep this tip up, just in case I delete the ‘trash bin’ again.

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