~ Andrew 2 yrs

When I first met little Andrew, he was a little shy, quiet, and didn’t say anything, but played with a myriad of toys.  The second time I saw Andrew, he was constantly moving but still quiet.  Now that he is almost 2, he is still constantly moving, and now always talking.  Our sessions are definitely non-stop, and always fun!  Check out Andrew then and now!  I can’t wait to see Andrew as he turns 3, 4, 5, 6 . . . he’s like my little bro. and his family is so warm and loving.

Andrew was looking at a bug on the steps for about a minute . . . everything he does is brief, so fast shooting and knowing which way he is going or being wherever he is going to be is a must.



These are some of my faves from the day, and I got them by not even looking through the viewfinder . . .





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