~ Bath and Body Works

bath&body Bath and Body works has been having a lot of sales . . . I really like their antibacterial gel soaps, so I added to my collection in the closet and I slowly go through them.

Gary’s mom told me about one of their scents “kitchen lemon” which is one of my faves, mostly because if you’ve been cutting onion or garlic, its so hard to get that smell off your fingers.

Kitchen lemon gets rid of the smell.  I haven’t tried to see if any of the other scents does the trick as well, but I got one for a friend of mine who cooks a lot of food and always with onion and now she’s a user 🙂

I was actually shooting some otherproducts and these happened to be in the way so I went ahead and snapped a quick shot for fun ^_^

I think the scents are tropical passionfruit, nectarine mint, and a basil something

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