Monday December 31st – Chuncheon Again

Today, Omma, My step-dad, and I went to Chunchon. We saw Soyang, a famous virgin’s statue; 소양강처녀상. I’m not entirely sure why she’s so famous, and I couldn’t find anything online about her in a quick search, but I’ll have to look more when I have some time.20130101-111924.jpg

We then went to the same Galbi place we went to the last time we were in Chunchon last week.

20130101-111931.jpgOmma and I went back to the house after dropping my step-dad off at the shop.

My 1st aunt arrived by bus, so my mom went to pick her up, and my 2nd aunt. They both spend the night.

My 1st Aunt brought some 유가 (yoo gah), a healthy sweet snack with sunflower seeds, almonds, pistatios, etc and banana milk which was delicious, and then we watched some New Years special for a little bit on TV

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