Saturday 29th December – Birthday Dinner

In the morning, we had rice filled fish cake wraps and an egg soup.


Because one of my Aunt and Uncles were going to be busy on the 30th, we were having my birthday party tonight, so we went grocery shopping for the evenings dinner.


Later in the morning, my 6th uncle’s wife came over to the house and then we went shopping at e-mart, which is like a large grocery store with a floor of clothing and makeup on another floor. There are moving ramps to move you and a shopping cart between the floors.

Check out this video I took of 쌀뻘과자 (super light and airy rice cakes) being made.

Then we went to the downtown shopping area to get my birthday gift from my mom and sister.


Then we picked up dduk (another kind of rice cake), and my birthday cake from Tous Les Jours, a yummy, fluffy strawberry cake that my 6th’s Uncles wife bought me (and all the groceries).


Back and the house, we had some kim bap that was pre-made from e-mart. Then my 3rd Aunt arrived, and kept feeding everyone some nummies she brought. There was a thin crepe like food with kimchee in the middle that was really good.  My 4th aunt came over later and everyone was cooking. They made a seafood soup, jap chae, a spinach side dish, and other side dishes.


Later, some of the other aunts, uncles, and other family members came by, but not all of them . . . It was still a lot of people though. We took pictures, my 2nd Aunt’s husband made a toast, they sang Happy Birthday in Korean, and I received a few gifts, and then we ate! Everything was delicious. Afterwards, we visited (mostly they visited and I listened ^^) and my 2nd and 3rd aunt spent the night.

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