Wednesday December 26th – Hanging Out


In the morning, Omma prepared the makings for kim bap and I assembled.  My sister, mom and I ate it for breakfast and also had the 시금치 (sigeumchi) soup Omma also made.

Then we went to the shop.  We were going to go to a mountain temple but it was too cold.  My second aunt hung out at the shop for the afternoon, and later in the evening, her husband came by and we all went to a sundubu place and had really yummy tofu and seafood sundubu and seafood pahjun.

Afterwards we went to the Hanji Theme Park, which was really a small museum.  Hanji is traditional Korean paper.  You can read more about it here:


I look kinda poofy in the photos below, but to be fair I was wearing a shirt, a sweater, a large flannel jacket and then the outer layer coat, plus I just ate! -haha


Later in the evening at home, my sister wanted a spicy chicken delivery order, which was pretty yummy, but I didn’t eat all that much since I was still full from the sundubu.


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