Thursday December 27th – Guryoungsa Temple

In the morning I had a kind of fried fish that was oh so delicious, a photo wouldn’t have done anything to explain the yumminess.

Omma and Appa were looking for a misplaced credit card in the morning, but I don’t think they found it.

Omma gave me a matching necklace to the earrings she had given me the other day.  Also, a cute phone charm.

20121228-151241.jpg     20121228-151250.jpg

In the afternoon, Omma and I went to 그릉사 Guryoungsa Temple and the 미륵석탑 Mireukseoktap stone pagoda was also there. There are a lot of trails (some sections half frozen), and we did a little bit of walking to get to the temples. It was nice being able to spend time with Omma and talk with what little we managed to talk about.




We picked up my 2nd Aunt at her home and looked for a place to eat. I think they were looking for a particular restaurant, because we kept driving around, turning around, and checking out places that were closed or didn’t have what Omma was looking for on the menu I suppose. An hour later, we were all starving and ended up eating at a place close to my Aunts home -haha

We had 삼겹살 Samgyeopsal and 국수, a Korean noodle soup with of course all the side dishes that come with all meals. Afterwards, it was funny to see my Aunt and my mom race to be the one to pay. My Aunt stole Omma’s card and put it in her pocket, Omma tried stealing my aunts card, it was pretty funny. No one is letting me spend any money.

20121228-151231.jpgAfter visiting with my Aunt and Uncle back at their house, Omma, Appa, and I went to the grocery store. I offered to buy the groceries but they wouldn’t let me do that either!

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