Tuesday December 25th – Sauna


In the morning / lunch time, we had lunch with 2 uncles, a friend, my 4th aunt and her husband, and my step-dad / Appa. Mostly I ate and listened. My sister was supposed to come too but she took too long to get ready so I think we just left without her because we were running late -lol

20121226-075850.jpgAfterwards, around 1:30, my mom, 4th aunt, her husband, and step dad went to a Korean sauna. I watched tv and had sikhye, a Korean rice drink. They finished around 3 and then we went to get noodles, but they also had Dduk mandoo Guk soup and I couldn’t pass that up. It was made with spicy kimchee mandoo, and was more flavourful than the versions I have had in the US. We had just eaten a few hours before so I wasn’t very hungry, but lukily my step-dad ate the rest.

We got gas on the way back, gas is serviced (not self-serve at least at the station we went to).

We stopped in at 4th Aunt and her Husbands Business again and got to see the puppies up close this time. I got to hold one and it wimpered a little because it wanted its mommy. SO cute. Mom was protective and barked some like she did the other day too, but my Aunt was like it’s ok to mommy dog and got two of four or five puppies out.
20121226-085401.jpgThe Kumkang shoes that were ordered arrived early, so we went to the department store to get them. They felt okay at the time, but wearing them more they feel little tight. I am hoping they will break in. They also have a strap over the toe, that I think if i get another hole added, it will loosen the toe area up.

My mom and I stopped in at my 2nd Aunt’s for some cake and coffee though we didn’t each much since we were still full. She had a different family photo which was nice to see, but it had less family members than the one my mom has.

After a brief visit, we went to the market to get stuff for Kim Bap to make later. We watched some TV, though I think we both fell asleep for a bit. My sister got home from a friends and was making ramyun, and Omma made me mushroom soup.

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