Cupcakes and Earrings


Today was one of my co-worker’s birthdays, so I picked up these adorable cupcakes from Harris Teeter.  How could you not be happy with their smiling faces?  They were super yummy and not too sweet.

I had gotten some earrings with some school mates when I was in 5th grade that are so adorable (little red hearts) that we all got around valentine’s day, so I went to Claire’s again, and looked at their valentine’s day earrings because I was in the mood for something seasonal.  These were too cute (cuter in person) and buy one get one 50% off – so come February 1st (or tomorrow) I’m wearing them!


New Shower Head & Consignment Shopping

In the morning, Gary and I ran some errands – one of which consisted of going to Home Depot and Lowes to finalize kitchen flooring selections and get a new shower head.

Our previous one was small and didn’t flow very heavily.  We found this Delta In2ition 5 Spray 2-in-1 Shower Head.  What I like about it, is that it gives a full “rain shower” effect, but there is also the option to pull out the traditional middle piece head (which is good for when the dog needs a bath or when cleaning the tub).

This one also has the option to use both sections at once, or you can turn the larger head off and use just the center section, and the removable head has a “pause” button (also good for dog baths – while soaping and not wanting to re-attach the head each time).  Before I would just have water spraying up as I lay the shower piece down and try and point it towards a wall.  Haha


After that shopping, I went to my parents’ house.  For Christmas, my parents gave me a “shopping spree” so I could get things I wanted or needed.  We went to Ulta and I got some fun things there.

We then went to the some upscale consignment shops.  There is a new one near them that has furniture and home decor, and another that has furniture, home decor, and clothes.

I found this lovely parian piece, and necklace and earring set.  Neither piece was really expensive, and I Love white statues and friezes.  I’m thinking of a light blue cord for the parian piece and hanging it in my bedroom – it’s not a very large piece and I think it will look lovely on a small section of wall in between the room door and the closet door.


Freezing Rain


We had a bit of snow followed by freezing rain today. The snow started around 11:30am so I went home to work for the rest of the afternoon. Took the pets out before it started up again. The freezing rain started coming down for a few hours. I took this pic of some icicles starting on one of the cars.

Jet Lag

Because I stayed awake for most of my flights home, I think it helped with my jet lag recovery sooner than the last time I flew to Korea.  Last time it took almost a full month before I fully recovered, this time it was about 5 days.  I woke up at 5am, then 4am, 7am, and now I am back to being my usual tired self and wanting to stay in bed all the time -haha

Tuesday January 8th and Wednesday January 9th – Packing

Today I spent the day relaxing and packing. Re-arranging based on size and even weight distribution.  My 2nd Aunt and Omma and I had gone to e-mart to get those bags you can vacuum out the air of for my clothes.  I took a nap in the afternoon, and then went to dinner with my 2nd Aunt, her husband, and Omma.  We dropped of my Aunt’s husband at their house and then went shopping for kimbap ingredients.

The morning of the 9th, my aunt made a lot of kim bap for the road she had spent the night).  My 6th uncle, his wife, and one of their sons came over in the morning to help load up the car with all the luggage.  We picked up my 2nd Aunt’s  husband to come to the airport with Omma, my 2nd aunt, and my uncles wife.  We drove to the different places for last goodbyes from family and then headed to the airport (kimbap was a before getting on the plane snack).  Omma cried at the last minute as I was going through the sliding doors to the security line.

The trip was about 12 hours long, and I had the tv that had to be re-set and worked for the first half of the flight but then shut itself down every 30 minutes and then every 15 and then I gave up and took a nap. The second flight wasn’t too bad, but I was definitely tired and happy to see Gary who picked me up.

Monday January 7th – Dinner with the Uncles

Early this morning, around 8am we left to go to the company my mom works for to pick up and drop off.

Then we stopped of at a shop that sells blankets, pillow cases, material, and my mom got me a second pillow puppy!


Then we met my 3rd Aunt and 2nd Aunt and her husband for lunch.


Afterwards, my 2nd aunt, Omma, and I went to e-mart for some shopping. I needed another bag for all of the gifts I am bringing back back home, and when I came, my one bag was already almost at the weight limit. I tried buying the bag while they weren’t looking, but my Aunt ran over to the check out, whacked me, and said it’s a gift! Haha. It’s pretty nice – I didn’t notice all the features when I first looked at it, but it has a place to put a hanging of clothes, has a number lock and key locks, and has the nice wheels that spin in all directions, which is what i was looking for.


In the evening, we had dinner with the 2 uncles, one of their wives and two boys, 2nd aunt and husband, omma, step-dad, and sister. It was in a private room with sliding doors for privacy. Afterwards, we went to my 6th Uncles house and got to hold his two cute birds. We hung out a bit before dropping off my 2nd aunt and her husband and then going home


Sunday January 6th – Phone Cases

Today, Binnah and I went to her boyfriends company (while the moms went to a wedding) and picked out some phone cases! I really like the sparkly ones ^^. Then we went and got some soondooguk, a kind of soup for lunch.

Then we drove back, though I think Omma and I fell asleep on the trip back. We went to the shop for Omma do to a few hours of work, and then we made kimchee bokum bap for dinner.


Saturday January 5th – Seoul Shopping

Today, my cousin Binnah and I went out while the moms stayed in. They didn’t want to go out in the cold.

We started at Gueongbokgung palace, which I went to last year in March, but didn’t buy a ticket that time. It was only 3,000 won, which is less than $3.00


Then we walked around Samcheongdong 삼청동 and had a nice lunch at an Italian place. I had a pasta with broccoli and shrimp in a cream sauce and an orangeade. Delicious!


There was also a Hello Kitty cafe that I took a picture of for a friend who loves hello kitty.


Afterwards we went to Insadong 인사동 for some shopping and then a quick trip back to Doota at Myeongdong to get hair pins for me and a hat for my cousin.

During the day on the subway my cousin noticed we both had a freckle on our opposite hands in about the same place^^