Tuesday January 8th and Wednesday January 9th – Packing

Today I spent the day relaxing and packing. Re-arranging based on size and even weight distribution.  My 2nd Aunt and Omma and I had gone to e-mart to get those bags you can vacuum out the air of for my clothes.  I took a nap in the afternoon, and then went to dinner with my 2nd Aunt, her husband, and Omma.  We dropped of my Aunt’s husband at their house and then went shopping for kimbap ingredients.

The morning of the 9th, my aunt made a lot of kim bap for the road she had spent the night).  My 6th uncle, his wife, and one of their sons came over in the morning to help load up the car with all the luggage.  We picked up my 2nd Aunt’s  husband to come to the airport with Omma, my 2nd aunt, and my uncles wife.  We drove to the different places for last goodbyes from family and then headed to the airport (kimbap was a before getting on the plane snack).  Omma cried at the last minute as I was going through the sliding doors to the security line.

The trip was about 12 hours long, and I had the tv that had to be re-set and worked for the first half of the flight but then shut itself down every 30 minutes and then every 15 and then I gave up and took a nap. The second flight wasn’t too bad, but I was definitely tired and happy to see Gary who picked me up.

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