Monday January 7th – Dinner with the Uncles

Early this morning, around 8am we left to go to the company my mom works for to pick up and drop off.

Then we stopped of at a shop that sells blankets, pillow cases, material, and my mom got me a second pillow puppy!


Then we met my 3rd Aunt and 2nd Aunt and her husband for lunch.


Afterwards, my 2nd aunt, Omma, and I went to e-mart for some shopping. I needed another bag for all of the gifts I am bringing back back home, and when I came, my one bag was already almost at the weight limit. I tried buying the bag while they weren’t looking, but my Aunt ran over to the check out, whacked me, and said it’s a gift! Haha. It’s pretty nice – I didn’t notice all the features when I first looked at it, but it has a place to put a hanging of clothes, has a number lock and key locks, and has the nice wheels that spin in all directions, which is what i was looking for.


In the evening, we had dinner with the 2 uncles, one of their wives and two boys, 2nd aunt and husband, omma, step-dad, and sister. It was in a private room with sliding doors for privacy. Afterwards, we went to my 6th Uncles house and got to hold his two cute birds. We hung out a bit before dropping off my 2nd aunt and her husband and then going home


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