New Shower Head & Consignment Shopping

In the morning, Gary and I ran some errands – one of which consisted of going to Home Depot and Lowes to finalize kitchen flooring selections and get a new shower head.

Our previous one was small and didn’t flow very heavily.  We found this Delta In2ition 5 Spray 2-in-1 Shower Head.  What I like about it, is that it gives a full “rain shower” effect, but there is also the option to pull out the traditional middle piece head (which is good for when the dog needs a bath or when cleaning the tub).

This one also has the option to use both sections at once, or you can turn the larger head off and use just the center section, and the removable head has a “pause” button (also good for dog baths – while soaping and not wanting to re-attach the head each time).  Before I would just have water spraying up as I lay the shower piece down and try and point it towards a wall.  Haha


After that shopping, I went to my parents’ house.  For Christmas, my parents gave me a “shopping spree” so I could get things I wanted or needed.  We went to Ulta and I got some fun things there.

We then went to the some upscale consignment shops.  There is a new one near them that has furniture and home decor, and another that has furniture, home decor, and clothes.

I found this lovely parian piece, and necklace and earring set.  Neither piece was really expensive, and I Love white statues and friezes.  I’m thinking of a light blue cord for the parian piece and hanging it in my bedroom – it’s not a very large piece and I think it will look lovely on a small section of wall in between the room door and the closet door.


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