Wednesday January 2nd – Seoul

I woke up at 6:00am. Actually my alarm was set for 6am, but I actually got out of bed around 6:30am – Too early.

Omma, my Step-Dad, and 1st Aunt dropped my 2nd Aunt off at home, and then went to Seoul to drop my 1st Aunt off at her home. We went to an Underground Shopping area and had brunch – I had Dolsot Bibimbap and then did some “window / eye shopping”. We got some earrings, which I tried to buy myself, but Omma ended up getting them for me. It’s really hard to buy anything even though I keep getting money from the different family members -lol


We then went to the Lotte Department Store, which is a big mall with nice expensive things to look at, but didn’t buy anything there.

We then picked up my 1st Aunt to have lunch/dinner with. She had gone grocery shopping and left a huge box of foods with us, which I found out later had a bunch of things I liked and have been eating on this trip, like apples, yogurt drink, yogurt, spinach, etc. She also had cookies and other nummies in there.

We ate a a Kogi place with lots of food, and just as you are full and about to be finished they bring out more food, like a soup and more side dishes. I was so full, and my 1st aunt kept feeding us food, even though we said we were full. It was pretty extreme -haha

After “linner” we dropped my 1st Aunt off at her home and stopped in, where she kept giving us food, like a banana, even though I said I was so full (I took it on the road).  She also gave my mom some olive oil, and we both had a cup of coffee before leaving. On the way to her house she asked if we wanted Soondubu! We were all SO full. Omma stashed some money somewhere in my 1st Aunts house -haha20130102-220607.jpg

We were going to go back to the house but had to make a stop to the place mom works for to pick up some materials. It was nice to see where she goes when I call and she says she is on her way there. It was also nice bonding on the long-ish car rides to and from.


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