24 Mile Cycle!

Gary and I rode on a local greenway near us, and planned on riding for an hour and then and hour back. It was such an awesome ride, and had really pretty scenery. We ended up riding for the full two hours, and went 24 miles! Granted, a lot of it was flat, but there were some hills, and 24 miles is a long way for us beginners. The average speed was about 10.5 mph, and the max speed was 22.5.

Some of the areas that slowed us down in the beginning were the bumpy bridges, and I had to get used to the poles in the middle of the bridges (the kind that prevent cars or golf carts from going on those paths).

I was going to get a picture of the two of us with our helmets and glasses on, but we were mostly just riding and hydrating.

tifosi slipI got to wear my cycling glasses too! There are sun glasses you can remove the lenses from (clear lenses for evening riding, polarized for day time), but the ones I have are basically like transition lenses, and I like that I don’t have to keep up with two sets of lenses. These are made for cycling, and I noticed they have more of a grip on them so they don’t fall off as easily (Tifosi Slip Photochromic Sunglasses).

We then dropped off my bike to get a tune up, and then went home and showered.


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