Birthday Hike and Dinner!


Today, Gary and I went on a birthday hike.  When I texted a friend of mine this, she said “how’s that different from a regular hike?” (since we’ve been hiking basically every weekend).
I said “because there is cake at the end? -haha”

Anyway, it was just Gary and I on an 8.26 mile hike.  I was leading , and saw about 4 different turtles on the trail!  I guess because of all the rain we had, but we usually don’t see any.  There were a lot of orange mushrooms on this trail too.  There was one HUGE log with big orange mushrooms that almost looked like someone threw pumpkins down the hill.  It was on the way back, and if I hadn’t been so hot and humid and tired,I might have gone down and taken a picture.  But I was too tired and didn’t care at that point -lol

After getting back and showering at the house, we ran errands until it was time for Gary’s birthday dinner get together with some friends at a really great mexican restaurant.  I had gotten some mini individual sponge cakes and cut up strawberries and those were the birthday cakes.  Light, healthy, and super yummy 🙂


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