Sci-Fi Symphony

20130701-171331.jpgA friend of ours invited us to go to the symphony with her for sci-fi music and guest appearance with George Takei (most widely known for being Sulu on Star Trek). Music scores from E.T., Star Wars, Star Trek, and other sci fi movies.

Before the symphony started, there was a darth vader, storm troopers, chewbacca and c3po and r2 in the lobby for people to get their pictures with.

One neat story George Takei told, was how his characters name of Sulu came about. Gene Roddenberry didn’t want to pick a name that was a particular asian race (Korean, Japanese, Chinese) , so he was looking at a map, and there was a sea in asia called the Sulu Sea. So basically his character represents asia in general, not a particular race within asia.

At the end of the evening, the guest conductor conducted the last piece (star wars awards ceremony score) with a mini light saber which was cute.

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