8 Mile Cycle #2


June 7th Gary and I got hybrid bikes so we could start cycling. I found a really nice bike at Play it Again Sports with upgraded Shimano breaks.

There were no pre-owned bikes for men, so we got Gary’s at Dicks Sporting Goods. Helmets, tyre pump, lights for the bikes and phone cases, tools, oil, etc. (from REI). Bike rack from Performance Bike.

We got the equipment and practiced riding around the neighbourhood, but actually did an 8 mile cycle on June 24th, and then the same route today (the 27th). We beat our previous time by a few minutes, and only had to walk up 2 hills, versus 4 last time. Definitely getting better.

Our goal is to do some cycling tours and trips, possibly some offered by REI. I want to join a casual cycling group, and possibly do a race of some sort at some point. So far I really like it 🙂

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