4th of July Weekend House Projects


The 4th of July weekend started off with an 8.4 mile hike with a few more friends that were also off for the 4th. We hiked the same trail Gary and I hiked on his birthday, but there were a lot more fungus varieties this time, and no turtles spotted.


That afternoon, Gary and I started on the weekend long list of house projects. Mounting the remaining counter top piece, grouting the countertop, installing the new microwave, prepping for tile backsplashes and prepping for painting.

On Friday we installed the tile back splashes (the Green things are just the spacers:

The next day we got to remove the spacers!


On Saturday we painted.

First, Gary had to finish installing some of the crown molding in a section that was added , and then we had to sand and apply two coats of paint on the previously existing stained crown molding, doors, and door frames.


Then (after prepping which I do NOT like; sanding, wall washing, etc) The kitchen and the bathroom/washroom were finally started.

Two coats of paint for the kitchen, one coat of thick primer and two coats of paint for the bathroom since it was a darker blue.

The kitchen went from a pink to a yellow (and while I still kind of miss the pink even though it wasn’t the shade I was expecting when it was on the walls), I do like the cheery bright yellow.


The bathroom/laundry room went from a dark blue to a sandy colour, which you really can’t tell from the pictures. It looks too pink with the light in the picture, and the other picture I did not post makes it look too white. But picture a sandy beach shade 🙂


Sunday we had to finish the second coats of paint because the prep work took so much longer than expected.

Then we started on the floor. We had to get and install the backer board and get the tile, etc. Gary cut the pieces, while I got to use the screw gun. My hands are still sore -lol. More prep work I didnt like, such as vacuuming and washing the old yucky floor.


After that was installed, we started working on actually installing the tile. The grouting putty stuff looks like frosting, so Gary and I used the terminology of butter-creaming the floors.  Gary left me this message after taking measurements and going outside to cut the tile piece so I saw it when it was my turn to butter cream 🙂


We finished half of the kitchen tiling on Sunday . . . on Monday evening after work, we  finished the rest of the kitchen and into the hall and bathroom/washroom.

Tuesday evening after work, we grout the tile

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