Saturday, December 22nd – New Hair Colour



Yesterday, my mom had given this puppy pillow to me, but I didn’t know it was mine, but I asked for clarification hehe. It’s super cute and nice to have because the bed pillow is hard, but I can use this on top and it’s not too bad.

I Woke up around 4 but was able to go back to sleep off an on and was able to wake up around 9.

I cut the flowers in the bouquet from my aunt the other day, since they were starting to wilt, and put them in two containers.

Afterwards, I had asked mom for kimchee and rice and got kimchee jiggae and 감자 (potato) mandoo (dumplings) plus side dishes. So delicious, but wasn’t expecting so much food. haha

20121223-042746.jpgWe stopped at the shop for a bit and saw my step-dad. They gave me some earrings and showed me some pottery piece she wants to get for me from a pottery factory for me to bring home.

We also went to the car repair shop next to them, apparently one of my aunt’s son’s car needs some repair work and they talked about that. There was a pregnant wild kitty that hangs out there, but it seemed pretty tame to me, and super friendly.

Afterwards, Omma and I went to a hair place to get my hair dyed. Yesterday evening, I had said how I liked the colour of my sister MinJee’s hair and Omma asked if I would like to get mine done . . . yes! I was there from 1:30-4 because I have dark hair so it took a while for the colour, but I totally love it! Its basically a brown with red undertones. I might have to only get my hair coloured in Korea -haha.


Around 4 something, we had lunch+dinner at a Kalbi place, which is owned by the car shop persons aunt. It was another place where you leave your shoes in a cubby near the entrance and sit on the floor. They brought in hot coals to the center of your table nook and you cook your food on the grill they put on top. My step-dad met us there for food.

Afterwards we went back to the shop and Omma sewed a little while we also talked about language, pronunciation, and what colours I like for something they are making me, plus an apron.

My cousin was able to make it from Hong Kong on a stand by flight, so we waited for her phone call, when they were ready to meet with us.


Around 6:30, we left to go to my one Aunt’s house and see my cousin ByungSook. She speaks English well, so she was able to translate some. I also met her brother who was in town for the weekend.

Apparently when Omma was on the phone with my other Cousin BinNah, she asked her to pick me up some wedding ducks that I wanted to get while I was here. Here is a little blurb about them:

“Wedding ducks have special role in every Korean wedding. They were chosen as it is known that they mate for life. Long time ago a man expressed his wish to get married by bringing a pair of ducks or geese to the family of his bride-to-be. The wedding duck symbolizes three things: 1. Peace 2. Many children 3. No separations.”

My cousin ByungSook gave me these cute jackets for my little dog Topaz and some scented candles which was so sweet.

She also translted that Omma said it was like she was in a dream with me ^^

My Aunt made a mandoo soup which I had some of and was so delicious.

Omma also found out that she does not have to work as much as she originally thought because she has to wait for some information from the company she works for, so I will be spending more time with her than we originally thought.

I might be staying with my cousin BinNah in Seoul over night if she is free so I can do some shopping and my family will be going to a wedding.

We left around 9pm. When we got back, we walked to the corner shop to get ice cream because MinJee has a request for some, i had a googoo cone which was chocolate and nuts, and then I went to bed around 10 in my yummy heated bed. I also love the heated floors, tho sometimes I’m too hot -haha. Tomorrow we are going to Chun Chon.

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