Sunday December 23rd – Trip to Chunchon and Met 4th Aunt

Last night I went to bed ar 10pm and woke up this morning from 2am – 5am but was able to go back to sleep until about 9am.

I had an apple and yogurt for breakfast, and then Omma made me dumplings for bfast, ate around 9am.


When I showered this morning, my hair dye was coming out a lot. I was really worried that I wasn’t supposed to wash my hair! . . . when I get my hair dyed in the US, only a little dye comes out the next morning, but this was a lot of red. It almost looked like I was bleeding, it was that much! But I asked and it was ok – it was supposed to.

We were planning on meeting my cousin ByungSook, her mom (my aunt) and her dad around 11, but when Omma called, they were eating – which meant we were going to eat lunch – which was funny because a few minutes before, she had asked if I was hungry and I had said I wasn’t -lol ^^ She did make a really delicious Egg and Sesame Ramyun soup though and I totally ate all of it!

20121224-071737.jpgWe drove by my one Aunts company where two of her dogs were outside and then met my cousin and uncle at the shop (my aunt wasn’t feeling well) and left for Chun Cheon, by car. Next week, we might be going to see where my mom grew up.

We stopped at a lookout point on the way and saw Chunchon from above. I took a picture, but It was hard to see with all the trees, even though they didn’t have any leaves on them.

In Chun Cheon, we went to the town where I was born and took my first steps. The house she lived in for a year and a half was no longer there, but she saw where it used to stand. I learned that I was born at 5:30pm, natural birth, and she has a calendar with the address of the house that she has kept but didn’t bring it with her, but managed to find the place after all this time. She hadn’t been there in 30 years but was able to find the place after some driving around since a lot of the area looked the same, but overall the area had changed a lot.20121224-071756.jpg

Around 2:30, we went to a well known/famous ttalk galbi place (chicken) in Myeongdong (in Chunchon, there is a larger one is Seoul). Chun Cheon is known for this, and we met one of my uncle’s school friends, who treated us to lunch.


Around 6pm I went to another Aunts house and met another cousin (younger), and her husband, and got to talk to another aunt on the phone, who is coming to see me next week(?).

We left their house around 9:30 and went to the market close by and then home and I got some cute photos of Omma and my sister.

One thought on “Sunday December 23rd – Trip to Chunchon and Met 4th Aunt

  1. Robyn says:

    I am so glad that you were able to see your roots! (birth, not hair) also that you are meeting so many family members! I hope that your Aunt is feeling better, that’s crummy when you don’t feel well. Do try to get the recipes – they look delicious! Have a wonderful time and merry Christmas. Does the family celebrate Christmas? Can’t wait to hear more about it!

    Lots of love!!!

    ME <3<3<3

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