The Cruise Begins

We had breakfast at the hotel, and left the hotel around 10:30am.

A taxi van picked us up from the hotel and we arrived at the cruise ship around 11:00am. Checked in and got on the ship around noon. The rooms weren’t ready until 1:30, so we had lunch on the lido (deck 9) and checked out the rest of the ship.

the ship decorated for Christmas

We showed my parents to their room around 1:30 and Gary did some work in ours while we were still at port. Both sets of rooms have a balcony, which Gary and I did not have on our last Cruise. We did have a window last time which is good so you know what time of day it is. ^^

the ship, and leaving port

The mandatory safety briefing was at 3:30pm where we had to go tour assigned muster station where they tell you what to do on case of an emergency and what life boat you would be getting on to.

The ship left around 5pm and we all sat on the upper deck 11 to watch as we took off. We saw some of the other cruise ships leave, some cargo ships leave with tug boats assisting, and the police boats and coast guard boats with armed machine guns on the front.

Afterwards, we went to level 5 to get some sushi and hang out. Around 6:00pm we went back to the rooms to unpack our luggage that was dropped off and hang out until we met my parents around 8:00pm to go to the late seating dinner.


After dinner, we dropped my parents off at their room. Gary and I went back to our room to change and then went to pick up some facial cleanser on deck 5 where the shops were for me since I didn’t have what I needed.

We saw a bit of the ‘Welcome Aboard Show’ in the theater since it was right next to the shop we were coming out of, and afterwards we sat down for a bit to hear one of the musical entertainers in the lobby play.

We then went to our room to read, hang out on the balcony, and go to bed for the evening.

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