At Sea, Day 1

Our clocks changed last night to an hour ahead, so I set my watch back when I woke up around 8:00am (7:00am). Gary and I went to the sit-down breakfast around 9:00 and then started our day of at sea events.

20111215-191206.jpgMy mom was feeling a bit dizzy in the morning, so I got her some motion sick medicine from one of the on board shops and dropped it off. Gary and I hung out a bit. Later, my dad was having some motion sick issues so he rested in the room while my mom came out with us.

We went to the top level 10, but couldn’t go to 11 due to the high winds. We sat on the deck chairs fora bit and then had some lunch. 

My mom went to check in on my dad and see how he was doing. He was doing a little better so we went to sit with him when he had lunch and then he went back to his room for some more rest. My mom, Gary and I went to listen to some jazz music in the lobby which was relaxing. I think I fell asleep for a bit.

Mom went back to check in on my dad who was doing better so we all went to tea, where we had tea, little tea sandwiches, and cakes. On the way back to the rooms, we got my dad some apple streusel from the corner cafe which he really enjoyed and went back to our rooms to relax and rest before dinner.

20111215-191300.jpgMy mom still wasn’t feeling up to walking around, and the boat still was pretty rocky. Even I was feeling sick. My parents ordered room service in for dinner so Gary and I went to meet the captain and crew and make it to the the sit down dinner where we had shrimp and lobster tail.

20111215-191158.jpgI checked in on my parents and they were in for the night, so Gary and I saw the ‘New Orleans’ show.

Right after, we went to see the comedian Marc Theobald. We sat outside on the Ledo deck watching the end of ‘Pirates of the Caribbean 4’ for a bit until it started sprinkling/raining and then hung out til bed time. 

20111215-191212.jpgEvery night we got a towel animal made by the room steward. Tonight was a dog, and he used my sunglasses for a finishing touch 🙂 

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