~ We’re on a Wall

I love being with Gary, and I love being out with Gary. People are always asking us if we are newly weds . . . does it show how gushy we are about each other even after almost two years? Ask me again in 25 years, that’s how it should be . . . soul mate, life partner, whatever you call it – I have found mine.

Ok, enough of the mushy stuff . . .
We were at one of our fave Thai places Sawasdee, and they said “you’re such a cute couple” can we get your picture for our wall?

A picture of Us for your wall? Uh, Of Course! How cool is that?  and with a Polaroid!  I’ve been there a bunch of times with my friends and never got asked for our picture.  So now we are part of a “fan wall” we get to see every time we get Sawasdee Thai food 🙂


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