~ Prep-Work : Storage

storageFor those of you who are moving, in the process of moving, or just need to store things, I love clear rubbermaid containers.   You can see what’s in them, and they are easy to label.

Yesterday, Gary and I spent 12 hours going through paperwork, stuff, etc and donated what we didn’t need, didn’t want to keep, or had no use for.  Old clothes, a table from Gary’s old appartment, a random light fixture . . . if we thought of someone that would want some things, we set it aside for you.

I already had some boxes that were labeled, and not all clear boxes are strong enough for things like books, so we also have Rubbermaid Roughneck containers.

All of this was for two reasons.  (1) we needed to clean out what we don’t need to keep and (2) we were making space for moving things out of the way for our home renovations.

Today, we are getting rid a big sectional green couch, also from Gary’s old apartment that is too big for our living room and doesn’t go with the style of our home, but it has served its purpose well.  Instead of moving it back and forth while renovating we’re donating it now instead of after we are done.  In 6 months(?), we’ll get a new couch.  Let me know if you hear of any sales 🙂

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