~ Kitchen Plan : Updated

Since the last time I posted the plans for remodeling our kitchen here, we’ve made slight changes based on a thought I had.  We’re moving the refridge to where the pantry is (popping out the wall as originally planned), keeping the new counter top plan, and putting the new pantry where the current refridge is.  It all fits, flows better with the use of the kitchen, and adds a little more cabinet space!

We’re doing most of the other home renovations first, and this one will be in several months, but definitely this year.  We can’t wait til it’s all done!  We’ll get back to doing our dinner parties and having friends and family over for dinner for ‘real time’ views of the ‘after’, and for those of you who aren’t able to, you can bet I’ll have photos here 🙂

New Plan:


Old Plan

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