~ I’m Back! . . . for a bit

When Gary and I were in Boston seeing one of his cousins a year or so ago, I remembered her saying . . . “I check out Sue-Leigh’s blog and there is one or two posts and then blauooop, theres like 5 :)” which still makes me smile when I think about it . . . because it’s True!

So, I take a point and shoot with me almost everywhere . . . it just goes in my purse – it’s like my wallet – it belongs there. Taking it out of my purse is another story sometimes because I don’t want to go through the process of linking up for one photo (c’mon wireless transfer!).

Therefore . . . I just downloaded all of the images and have a lot to blog about . . . in addition to all the home renovations we are starting soon! Right now we are doing all the boring, not so fun prep-work though it is satisfying to get those things done even if you don’t see it directly.

So, please leave comments, I like hearing from you 🙂

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