~ End of Year Clean Up

Have you ever gone through your address book thinking, “who in the world is this?? ” Or . . . “so where is the rest of this person’s contact info? ”

Well, it’s that time of year for me to clean out my address book of all the people I don’t remember because I only met them in passing once, or somehow we crossed paths but don’t really keep in touch.  The time to find out where all of our friends who are still in school or moving are (hopefully) before you send them a Christmas card, to find it returned to you sometime several weeks after the new year has passed.

Our Christmas cards arrived neatly packaged, ready for addressing and signing today, and go out with my mailing and shipping assistant tomorrow morning-ish.  Well, as I write this at 2:23am, today later-earlier-morning-ish 🙂

Either way, we are very proud we are getting them out on schedule . . . well, on our schedule, so hopefully our fabulous recipients will receive them Before the 25th.

Thank you postal and shipping employees, your job is much appreciated!


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