~ Christmas Early!

Yes, I think almost every year Gary and I exchange or at least give our gifts to each other early.  Gary got his from me about a month ago . . . a PS3 plus the new Grand Theft Auto IV game.  Well, he’s been working hard, and he can play with it more now instead of the day he gets it, and we will be at the beach 🙂

I got mine from Gary a couple of days ago (my birthday gift from him at the beginning of the month -haha).  Anyway, Gary has always been good about giving me themed gifts that are around a larger gift.  For example, the first birthday/chrimstmas together, he gave me a book, The Taming of the Shrew.  While I thought it was a nice-ish gift I was wondering if at some point I had mentioned that I liked that particular book because it was kind of an odd gift, but I smiled and said thanks with as much enthusiasm and with as little confusion as possible.  Almost about to put the book down, I see a slip of paper peeking out . . . opening to the first couple of pages are two tickets to see the play The Taming of the Shrew with the Royal Shakespeare Company at the Kennedy Center in Washington DC. We stayed at ‘Dupont at the Cirlcle‘ Bed and Breakfast in the Plum Suite 🙂  Definitly go sometime if you are looking for a nice bed and breakfast in the DC area.

ANYway, that was longer than I was expecting 😛

So for this Christmas Gary had two bags.  In the first was the movie ‘Sex and the City‘ in the second bag was an opera on CD.  Both themed around New York.  So the gift was actually for when we go up north next year to see Gary’s family . . . we are going to swing by New York for a day and see an Opera of my choice (dependent on what is playing when we go)!

Next year is already starting off fabulously!

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