~ Oh Christmas Tree!

treeGary and I love having a Christmas Tree . . . I grew up with fake, he grew up with real.  Our first Christmas together, we got a real one for his apartment.  The first year in our house we got a real one.  The past two years, we haven’t done either, partially because of the way our furniture is arranged with the “over-sized for our house/livingroom” couch and also because we spend time with Gary’s parents at the beach for a few days.  Oh, and we have cats, and we’re not sure how they’ll take the tree (“ooh, something even HIGHER to climb on!”  or “eh, I see those when I look out the window, what’s the big deal?“).  So we need to be home to monitor a “test” tree.

So anyway, we enjoy the decorations around us, and when we decorate, we will be able to have a real, and a fake tree, plus all the trimmings 🙂

While I was at the Triangle Town Center Mall last night for the Barnes and Noble, they were just lighting the large tree for the night.  I took this with my point and shoot, the tree is much taller than I could show (no wide angle feature), but . . . so lovely!

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