~ Visiting Millenium Park and Navy Pier

Today we made it to Millennium Park and Navy Pier.

We saw the big ‘ole silver bean,

and got our “souvenir” shot of our reflection in it, :

this was a shot of the inside of the bean, which kind of looks like a flower to me:

at the Navy Pier, we went for a ride on the 150 foot high ferris wheel and saw a great view of the city from up there, checked out some of the shops, etc. There was a fun house that we didn’t pay to do, but there were some fun house mirrors at the entrance way:

there was also the Smith Museum of Stained Glass Windows that we visited. These were my fave:

these angels were also really pretty to me:

and of course I got a shot of a cute cow 🙂

There were several options for city tours, some by boat, some by double decker busses, but the one that I was interested in was two hours and $30/ticket. But there are several stops you get off at, at one you get a free t-shirt, a free Hershey bar, and something else. Maybe next time when we have 2 hours and were up for stopping at the tour stops.

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