~ A Visit to Rosehill Cemetary

We got a bit of a late-ish start today, but when we made it out the door, we went to Alexander’s for brunch, and then we went to Rosehill Cemetary. I took some video which I will have to mess around with later when I get back home and have my video software with me. But for now, here are a few of my faves from the day:

there were two of these on a patio in front of a mausoleum:

I love this statue, the mother and child are so beautiful and serene with an ivory complexion:

haha, Adrienne is foonie 🙂

Then Adrienne’s bf John met up with us and we went to get coffee, got the bus, and wandered around some shops on N. Broadway. Got dinner at the Chicago Diner, went to see Baby Mama at a theater, and then ended up at Hamilton’s for a late night snack and drinks before heading back.

I blog. I get ready. I go bed.
night night, til later . . . .

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