~ Last Days in Chicago

On Sunday, Adrienne and I met up with someone I know, Scott from Getty Images, and then later we met up with one of Adrienne’s friend Rose – who came over and we went window shopping.

Monday, Adrienne and I went to the Lincoln Park Zoo. I liked seeing the animals but was saddened and disappointed in the extremely small areas for the animals. The big cats were in over sized cages, and most of the animals areas were the same – ivy and cedar like trees or areas with sand and a few shrubs. And it was really crowded and humid that day.

We saw the animals we wanted to see and then left, chilled out, and then I left for Raleigh.

I love seeing the big cats:

a red kangaroo:


a zebra looking sad:

there was also a barnyard of animals, and cows! If you know, me you know one day I want a baby cow, and I think the cows could feel the connection and this one was posing for me!

I have some video with some funny clips from the zoo as well as the rest of the trip I’ll have to work on sometime, so stay tuned 🙂

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