My Fish Almost Died!

I almost forgot!  I was cleaning out the fish tank last Friday and I put my fish Maximus in a small clear container w/o a lid.  I knew he liked to jump, but he usually only does that when he sees food over his head . . . well I guess he was tired of being stuck in the small container and he wiggled his little butt and jumped out of the cup!

I was kinda scared cause he jumped out of the cup onto the desk on some papers but then assuming he tried to jump back into the water ended up jumping off the desk onto the floor.  Luckily I was there when he jumped out of the cup or i might have stepped on him and then wondered why my fish wasn’t in the container.

I called my co-worker Tim over because I was afraid of squashing the fish or slicing him if I tried to use paper to scoop him up.  So Tim was trying to pick my fish up off the ground, but since fish are small and slimy  and he couldn’t get him.  Steve came over and somehow was able to get Maximus without squishing him in time and throw him back into the water.

SO, next time I’ll get a lid for my fish container when I’m cleaning out the tank.  Aside from looking scared stiff, he wa back to his normal self within a few minutes and he had a relaxing weekend swimming around in his warm cozy surroundings.

LOL, stupid fish 😛

5 thoughts on “My Fish Almost Died!

  1. Kerri says:

    OMG! Sue Leigh! I have been there! I was a cocktail waitress at a banquet to preserve the Blackstone River Valley Conservation Society. As a centerpiece, there were fishbowls with 2 fish in them, and some natural habitat of the Blackstone River. Beautiful. I was told they were baby carp.

    At the end of the night, everyone left, and there were several fishbowl centerpieces that were unclaimed. The Ballroom owner, said he was gonna flush them, so of course, I took as many fish as I could, and put them in one of the fishbowl centerpieces to “save them”.

    Well, us girls went for a drink after work, and after curves and bends in the road, the fish spilled out! I stopped at a convenience store, and bought 4 litres of water, so that they would survive the ride. After parking, and one fish flopping on the pavement, which I scooped up and plopped in the bowl, they came with us and had a full night of drinking! The bartender even commented on my new “babies” that I saved! I was elated!

    I went home and placed my new saved fish right on top of the TV…..the focal point of the room…..I was so proud!

    My boyfriend, Dave looked at my treasure, and said, Kerri… took home shiners…..bait fish……..not a new breed of carp, but bait……

    It didn’t matter, they were my pets.

    I was at work, 2 days later, and my sister, the animal rights activist, went to my apartment to deliver a coffee table.

    Dave proudly stated that we had some new pets!

    Nicole, in disgust, proclaimed that they were dead. Dave, not knowing what to do at this point, wet his pants, I’m sure.

    My poor fish were dead…..I thought they were Carp…..Dave thought it was hysterical, Nicole and I were not amused.

    P.S. Did Nicole ever tell you about the Beta fish she acidently flushed down the garbage disposal? She had to call her boyfriend to “flip the switch”.

  2. ~Sue-Leigh says:

    Oh my gosh, thanks for sharing that story! I would have prolly done the same thing. Now I want to buy you a fish to make up for the ones you lost 😦

    And, now I really want to find out about the beta fish story too! . . . unless it’s going to make me cry -haha

  3. Kerri says:

    NO, I can’t have another beta for a while….I am still in mourning. The fish from the previous story were shiners, “apparently”, but my friend Kim and I had beta fish at our stations at the salon…..we picked them out at the pet store and they were the hit of the salon!!!!! Customers loved them! Until Winter. No one told me they were tropical fish and couldn’t live in the cold!!!???? Our Beta fish died together, on the same day, and we figured out why…….TROPICAL FISH…… it was too cold!!!!

    We had a funeral and a moment of silence in the salon bathroom…… RIP Jaws….

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