Super Park w/Adrienne, Zack, and Jason

So here are some pictures from the Park from last sunday:
the first and last ones are my fave 😀


this shot is of the slide

and this is the underside of the slide




4 thoughts on “Super Park w/Adrienne, Zack, and Jason

  1. rmb says:

    They’re GOOD! You could write something about the haunted playground (thinking of the first and last) they make me think of Stephen King-ish. Again-very good!!!

  2. rmb says:

    Ya know-when you hear of someone taking a picture of a chain, you think-how could that be interesting-yours is VERY interesting. don’t know how you do it-just keep doing it!!!

  3. rmb says:

    Keep taking pictures! Do not stop taking pictures! Continue taking pictures! Dont know how else to say it, Keep doing it!

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