Let’s see . . . Gary is in Denver again and I let him take my laptop since his locks up, so no photos to post til he comes back.

I don’t usually go into details on everything that goes on in our lives, but since I haven’t been blogging for a while, and no new pictures til my laptop returns home, I thought I’d post SOMEthing. Though dinners out with friends isn’t exciting blogging material and we do it so often, but here is a recap of last week:

Gary and I had dinner with my parents on Monday, Tuesday we met our friends Hughie and Virginia at Olive Garden, Wednesday was Chili’s with our friends Clay and Miranda, and then Friday we had Ethiopian food at Abyssinia with my friend Patricia. (note: go to Abyssinia if you don’t have to be somewhere soon or are super hungry . . they have great food, but service tends to be really slow)

My friend Sam is going to Hawaii for YWAM for two years (leaving today actually), so Adrienne and I went to her going away party on Sunday and then a bunch of us went to Starbucks for coffee. Afterwards, Adrienne, Jason, Zack, and I went to see Blades of Glory which had some funny parts, though not one of Will Farrell‘s best movies, and then we went shooting at Jaycee park.

This week Patricia and I are going to get massages which we both really really need and I don’t have to work on Friday (wohoo!). I think Gary and I are meeting a bunch of people for lunch and then I am going dancing (Latin night!) at Spice Street with Patricia and my parent’s anniversary is this week 🙂

3 thoughts on “Recap/Update

  1. Kerri says:

    Hey, how did you like Ethiopian food? I have heard that it is multi-coloured piles of mush. Curious as to your opinion….

  2. Kerri says:

    I’ve got a lot to say tonight, sorry, Sue-Leigh, I saw Anchorman in the front row, a few months ago, and I never want to see Will Ferrel again…….ever. Ever.

  3. ~Sue-Leigh says:

    I totally agree about Anchorman, I didn’t like that movie at all, I thought it was stupid, but I really liked Elf 🙂

    About Ethiopian food, I have only had it at one place, so I don’t know how authentic it is, but it’s really good. At least we liked it.

    They bring a huge pancake like “bread?” which has a light cold spongy feel to it and they pour the bowl(s) of hot whatever you ordered on top.

    The food is spicy, we liked the lamb better than the chicken, but both were good, and they have a kind of salad that is also on the big pancake. With the extra “bread” and what the food is on, you tear off pieces and scoop up the food with it. Eating with your hands -fun!

    If you come out this way, we can take you sometime, not sure if there are any Ethiopian places where you are 😀

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