Farmers Market & Errands

I went from having no particular plans to nonstop running errands and getting a lof ot things accomplished this weekend.

This morning I had breakfast with my parents, then we went to the local farmers market.

20130528-175429.jpgStrawberries, blueberries, and some peaches are in season right now, along with all of the other vegetables that you can find at the farmers market.

I love the flowers and colour combinations at one of the booths there.


20130529-125226.jpgMy mom was able to find some ferns that she has not been able to find anywhere else, and I was able to find some plants for the terrarium I just bought recently from Target.

We also checked out the garden section of the farmers market.


20130529-125205.jpgI found these amazing hanging globes, and they were 50% off, I bought one that I think will hang in the bedroom, or the living room, I haven’t decided yet 🙂

In the afternoon, I ran a lot of errands. Found some Tupperware containers for organization, went to Big Lots and got a four tiered plant stand, picked up some flowers, exchanged some of the Tupperware containers that did not fit, etc etc.

Overall, a busy but productive and fun day 🙂20130529-125216.jpg

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