Thursday December 20th

20121221-071117.jpgI left on Wednesday the 19th and arrived Thursday December 20th.  It was 2 hours to Detroit with a 4 hour layover and a 13.5 hour flight to Seoul.  The plane landed at 4:30pm, took the rail to the baggage claim, went through customs, and walked out to the main area where my Omma, Aunt, and her husband were waiting for me right when I walked out.

My Aunt had this lovely bouquet of flowers for me and I got big hugs 🙂

We had lunch at one of the airport restaurants, I had Dwenjang Jiggae (a type of soybean based soup).  It was different than the one I have at the Seoul Garden near us, but it was still good.

I thought I was a fairly fast eater, but they finished way before me -haha, but to be fair they did just feed us a small meal towards the end of the flight and the soup was hot.

It was a 3 hour drive to the house and I think I fell asleep some of the way.  The other times I was eating yummy mini-oranges and drinking coffee in the car.

We went to the shop where my mom also sews, and had some persimmon or maybe it was date tea.  Sweet and yummy.



Then we went to the house which was maybe 5-10 min away and I unpacked (and wrapped some of the gifts) while Omma and my Aunt made delicious dinner.  The Kimchee they make is so amazing and so much yummier than the Kimchee where I live!


Omma was worried about me being cold, but so far I am doing ok (haven’t been outside much), mostly going from car, to shop, to house.

The house has heated floors and I am pretty warm so far.  It is 0 Celsius/32 Fahrenheit outside.  At 6am here inside where I am sleeping it is 65 Fahrenheit, so comfortable, but I also brought my fuzzy pajama pants.

My sister arrived home around 10:30pm and ran in and gave me a huge hug/squeeze and said I was pretty (haha, so sweet).  I gave out the gifts I had to everyone, and MinJee LOVED everything, especially the makeup case with makeup and the photo keychain with the sparkly M and a photo I printed of her and Omma.

We watched TV and I started falling asleep so Omma said I could go to bed.  I showered and am pretty sure I fell asleep soon after.

I woke up around 6am here and can’t fall asleep so I figured I would blog, and we are waking up at 8am anyway for breakfast (which is good because I think I am on home food time and hungry) and then shopping around noon.  Not sure where yet!

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