Doctor, Work, then Birthday Celebrating

In the morning I took my parents to see the radiology oncologist for a checkup.  Nothing much to report there, they just wanted to ask him if he had any symptoms.

In the morning my dad had another bloody nose (after having cauterized the spots yesterday), so after the oncologist visit, I called the other doctor and they said they don’t want to do anything with the nose right away to give what was done already time to heal.  It wasn’t as bad as the previous day, but they said if it persists, to let them know and come back.

I worked after the doctor visit, and in the evening, we met a friend for his birthday.  Gary and I had both gotten him a birthday balloon (we didn’t see each others message about picking one up), so he had two balloons 🙂

After dinner and then hung out at Starbucks.  We were going to see a movie, but we scheduled that for Sunday since Gary was out of town and had to study for Korean class, so we are going to see a movie on Sunday.

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