Update on Dad

About a week ago, my dad’s foot was swelling up and bothering him.  My parents had to get new shoes for him because the current ones were rubbing on his swollen foot.  The new shoes seem to help.

This past Monday, my parents went to the doctor’s.  They thought it was a spider bite and said to stop the chemo pill early (original stop date was today) and to come back in a few days if the swelling hadn’t gone down.  They took blood and his labs looked good.

Today, his appointment was for around lunch time, but this morning he had a bloody nose for about half an hour – so they went to the doctors early.

Turns out there were openings in his nose that had to be cauterized, so they went to an ENT to get that taken care of.  He did have a spider bite, and the swelling has been going down.

He seems to be doing ok . . . he goes to see the brain oncologist tomorrow.

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