I Fell Down the Stairs at 3am

My little dog decided at 3am, that he needed to go out.  It took a few attempts for him to wake me up and keep me up enough to take him out, but  I was half asleep when I picked him up and was on my way down stairs.

The bottom of my feet were dry, and on the first step, I felt my foot only make it half way on the step – but by then it was too late and I was quickly on my way down the stairs.  It was partially the screaming down the stairs, and partially the thump. thump, thump that Gary heard and came to my rescue halfway through the rest of my fall down the stairs.  Once I finally stopped, I was dizzy and nauseous and he had to help me back upstairs to lay down and recoup.  I basically fell all the way down and my bum’s been sore all day and I have these lovely rug burns on my left arm.

But at least I didn’t fall on my head or something 🙂

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