Syncing Google Contact Birthdays with Your Google Calendar

Silly me, I thought birthday dates entered into Google contacts automatically updated to ‘My Calendar’ but I noticed some of the new birthday dates I had entered were not showing up.  SO, I did a search and found out how to add them, and really glad I did 🙂  It beats entering in dates manually and changing the re-occurrence time.

SO, go into your Google calendar

  1. Settings > Calendar Settings
  2. Go to the Calendars tab
  3. under ‘Other Calendars’ select ‘Browse interesting calendars’
  4. select ‘more’ tab
  5. preview or subscribe to ‘Contacts’ birthdays and events’

check out your calendar!  It’s pretty awesome – I love that little cake slices show up next to the person’s name for their birthday date!  Now they just need to add some wedding rings or something cute next to Anniversary dates 🙂


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